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St George Head
There are many sorts of churches. Some are for the excitement of God: they can be filled with a huge promise of myriad ways to connect with your culture. They are valuable places: but if that is what you are seeking, you are in the wrong place. Saint George's Goodwood is a Catholic church in the Anglican tradition. As such we are slow religion. It's like slow food: we take our time; we give that time to God to slowly and surely change us. We do this through our liturgy: its solemnity and beautiful music. We are here to worship God. By doing that, we let God take us and change us.

We are not a place of quick fixes. Yes, we will love you and pray for you and try and help you: but we expect you to be serious in your quest for God. Here, we wait for God and learn to abandon ourselves to God.

We believe that God wants us to be here so we can save souls and show the love of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We believe that we can offer this love through the forgiveness of sins and the great gift of God through the sacraments. We offer this, by the grace of God, in Adelaide, Australia.

If you are interested, please explore, rejoice and contact us. And also, pray for us, as we pray for others.

God bless

Fr Scott Moncrieff, Rector


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Latest News

Lenten Giving

Our Lenten giving raised $990.50 for the Diocese of Aipo Rongo in PNG.

Mass times

Sunday masses 8 am and Solemn Sung Mass at 9.30 am - other services daily except Monday.

Catholic Renewal Sunday

This is our next parish lunch on Sunday 17th July


The shop will be closing at the end of June. There is a closing down sale.The Bric-a-brac shop is open, Wednesday to Saturday.

War Shrine

Please note our new spears in the War Shrine by the west door – newly restored by the Jam Factory. Our thanks to the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants and a grant from the ANZAC Day Commemoration Council, Department of Premier and Cabinet, SA.

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